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Thinking of starting a brass band? You'll want to know all of the best brass instruments. This list of brass instruments includes horns, trumpets, bugles, cornet, f...

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"Pop" music is a type of popular music that many people like to listen to. The term "pop music" can be used for all kinds of music that was written to be popular.

What makes music so memorable and mesmerizing? It's the sheer symphony of lyrics (if any), composition and of course the musical instruments that brings it all together.

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A guide to the instruments used in celtic music, with dozens of links to other resources

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Numbered notation described Musical notes. Numbers 1 to 7 represent the musical notes (more accurately the scale degrees). They always correspond to the diatonic ...

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Medieval Musical Instruments! Get Medieval facts, information and history about Medieval Musical Instruments. Fast and accurate facts about Medieval Musical Instruments.

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A Big, New website presenting the authentic history of the mysterious and legendary East West leather jacket factory

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Ancient Monasteries Bells. Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images Bells may be categorized as idiophones or instruments sounding by the vibration of resonant ...

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Melodiously Impressive: Native American Musical Instruments. The music of the Native Americans is melodious and is used for communication purposes.

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African musical instruments including bells, drums, wind instruments, string instruments.

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